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What do I need to provide for clearance of my personal effects import shipment?
- Customs Form 3299
- Supplement Declaration for Unaccompanied Personal and Household Goods
- Power of Attorney for Customs Clearance on Personal Effects Shipments Only
- Itemized Packing List
- Original Bill of Lading Consigned to Atlantic Logistics
- Copy of Your Passport Photo Page

I have a consolidated freight with full-door service. What is and what isn’t included with
the service?

- Groupage Container Pickup from Pier
- Delivery to Our Bonded Warehouse
- Two Weeks’ Storage (if applicable)
- Customs Clearance
- Delivery to Residence w/Normal Access
- Unwrapping & Debris Removal

- Demmurage
- Custom Duties
- Steamship Line Terminal Handling
- Customs Hold Fees (vacis exam, physical exam)
- Storage Over Two Weeks’ Time

What’s an "Arrival Notice"?
A notice sent by the carrier, which:
- Informs You (the notify party) of Vessel’s Estimated Arrival Date
- Identifies Shipment with Some Detail Such as Number of Packages, Weight, etc.
- Indicates When Free Time Expires
- Often Also Serves as Freight Bill

What’s a Customs Broker?
A highly trained import professional licensed by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Broker
must possess knowledge of tariff schedules and customs regulations, and keep abreast
of the constant amendments made to the law and administrative regulations.

What’s a Customs Entry?
A form required by United States Customs for bringing goods into the United States, which
- Merchandise Description
- Estimated Duties Applicable to Particular Commodity
Estimated duties must be paid when the entry is filed.

What’s the Meaning of "DAD"?
Delivery Authorized Document. It is a form prepared by the Customs Broker and
authorized by U.S. Customs after presentation and approval of entry or entry summary. It
is then logged with the carrier as evidence of customs release.

What’s a Delivery Order?
An order issued by consignee or Customs Broker to ocean carrier as authority to release
cargo to inland carrier. Includes all data necessary for pier delivery clerk to determine
that cargo can be released to domestic carrier.

What’s a Freight Release or Freight Receipt?
A document serving as evidence that freight charges for cargo have been paid. If
received in writing, it may be presented at pier to obtain release of cargo. Normally,
once freight is paid, releases are arranged without additional documentation.

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