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Atlantic Freight
Worldwide port-to-port and door-to-door shipping services.

Federally Licensed International Freight Forwarder
Our international forwarding experts arrange quality, cost-effective shipment
transportation to meet your specific requirements within every budget.

Air, Sea & Surface Transportation
Import/Export & Foreign Point-to-Point
Extensive Worldwide Agents
Consolidation & Distribution Preparation
Packing & Crating
Foreign Monetary Collections
Commerce & State Department Licenses

Air Freight Forwarding
Swift and safe air freight services for priority products.

Special Services Available

Example: Our "Garment on Hanger" service, highly appreciated by garment shippers, which eliminates the need to re-iron garments upon arrival.
Sea Freight Forwarding
Reliable sea freight services, particularly from Asia.

Experienced in the World’s Busiest Lanes
Demand often outstrips supply, most notably during peak season. We are one of the bigger fish in the Atlantic, so we can provide these services when needed.

Sea-Air Service
Ideal time- and cost-effective solution for less urgent shipments.

Transit Hubs in Dubai and L.A.
We switch between ocean vessel and airline carrier mid-journey, reducing leadtime by 50% compared to sea freight, and saving you 40% off airfreight price.

Freight Consolidation
Multi-step shipment combination and individualized delivery process.

The Core of Our Business
Shipments bound for destinations in close proximity are combined, resulting in lower costs, reduced inventories, swifter transit times and time-definite delivery.

We know how to move merchandise. Whether you're shipping single packages or are looking to relocate a boatload.
We know how to make an entrance. With 50+ years of expertise, our staff of customshouse licensed brokers professionally and economically handles your shipment at all US custom ports of entry
We know how to deliver. For all import and export matters our truckers and warehouse affiliates are road-ready for you.
Atlantic is a premier customhouse broker and industry leading Freight Forwarder. Atlantic Logistics has become the standard for the expertise needed to deal with the Wearing apparel, Perishable, Electronics and Marble & Stone sectors, traditionally the most difficult commodities to both harmonize and handle supply chain management.
Our Global network of agents is our centerpiece for providing true door-to-door service and the supply chain management needed in today’s logistics world. Our advanced information technology ensures visibility of our client’s freight from point of origin to delivery destination.

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