Custom Brokerage

Innovators of "Atlantic To Go" Pre-Arrival Customs Clearance

This nifty little procedural innovation, courtesy of our 50 years of experience, allows eligible importers to enjoy expedited releases initiated from point of origin. 

The Industry's Highest Ratio of Licensed Customhouse Brokers on Staff

  • Specialty Commodity Teams
  • Product Line Reviews
  • Drawback & Protest Services
  • Informed Compliance Reviews
  • MOD Act Compliance
  • Quota and License Specialists
  • Federally Restrictive Agencies
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • F.M.C. & L.A.T.A Licensed

Our Services Include:

  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Customs Entries
  • In-Bond Entry & Reforwarding
  • Specialized Classification
  • Application for Importer ID
  • General Order Liens Release
  • Personal Effects Entry
  • Continuous Bonds
  • Coordination of Customs Examinations
  • Warehousing